Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Call in now – more cheaters exposed!

If there is anyone you know that plans to break your relationship or your pal’s bond by sleeping with them, send info to 0772760922
I KNOW you all like to imitate/steal a good idea so hold on tight and try this one for size.
The Red Pepper – Kampala’s most expensive newspaper at 2,000 Ugandan shillings, about 50p – runs a weekly spread called ‘Cheaters’. Readers follow the teaser above to phone in and expose friends, neighbours, colleagues doing what they shouldn’t oughtta.
Whether they are all genuine I doubt (some are signed Roberto Carlos and Prince Edward!) but my local informants tell me there are some real cheaters in here who are now heading for some serious discussions with ‘er indoors.
I’m not yet quite up to speed with Ugandan morality, but while polygamy – or at least having lots of children with different women – appears commonplace it seems ‘cheating’ is frowned upon.
And genuine or not they are full of the detail that I tell students and reporters everywhere that really makes a story sing. Last word with ‘Ben’:
He is a city engineer attached to one of the popular construction companies. He cheats on his wife with Mugaso who works with the President’s office. They happen at Steers along Kampala Road.
So now we know. A weekend African safari on me to the first editor who goes with this one…

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    type 'cheaters' on you tube, much better