Monday, September 12, 2011

Your new job is here, tweet me now

Dear Sir or Madam,
Please find attached my letter and CV for your attention.
Thank you for your attention and consideration.
Yours Sincerely

Wake me up before you go go, indeed! This landed on my desk today along with approaches from several other would-be journalists who were obviously asleep during the class on intro writing.
I’m fed up wading through turgid ‘letters of application’ and monstrous CVs outlining an early career in retail handling and a flirtation with the upper slopes of the Andes.
I want reporters who can find stories that no-one else has got and write them quickly and accurately.
That’s why in my latest recruitment ad potential recruits have to respond via Twitter. They’ve got 140 characters* to tell me what they can do and why I should consider them.
I keep getting told there is an over-supply of qualified people wanting to do journalism. Well, maybe there is but there’s definitely not an over-supply of people who are any good.
Tweet me now, please @alangeere
*If you’re not sure what 140 characters looks like it’s the Dear Sir or Madam effort at the top of this page