Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lecturer ‘arrested’ at golf club

From @KampalaNews
A 56-year-old English University lecturer was ‘arrested’ on the fairway of the 15th hole at Kampala Golf Club and marched at gunpoint to explain himself to the head of security.
Alan Geere (for it was I) was nabbed by a security guard as he headed down a well-worn path towards the clubhouse, where he wanted to inquire about playing at Kampala’s only golf club.
“You have committed a crime,” was the reply from the guard to all Geere’s protestations that he had only been in the country a week and didn’t know it was a ‘crime’ to walk on the golf course.
Geere was made to promise never to walk on the golf course again and released by the head of security with a cheery smile and handshake.
“It was a rather unsettling experience,” said Geere. “And membership costs the same as a small family car so I rather think I’ll keep the promise and won’t walk on the golf course again.”