Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Norwegian Getaway in Hampshire

LATEST addition to the Southampton waterfront is the cruise ship Norwegian Getaway which docked this morning for the first time in the UK.
It’s not huge by cruise ship standards, coming in at number 9 in the big ship league table, but it did cut a dash in the watery wintery sunshine.
Some facts and figures below – 27 ‘dining options’! – courtesy of Maritime Matters

145,655 GT
Length overall
325.70 m
Moulded breadth
39.7 m
Number of decks
8.30 m
Engine output
62,400 kW 
Propulsion power
35,000 kW
21.5 kn
Number of passengers
Number of passenger cabins
Number of outside cabins
(including suites)
Number of inside cabins
Number of theatre seats
Number of dining options
Total weight of applied paint
300 t
Total length of laid cables
2,154 km
Total length of laid pipes
400 km


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