Monday, July 02, 2012

What every editor needs: A bottle of Drambuie and a telephone

WE'RE changing the guard here at Chronicle Towers and moving to new offices the other side of town.
We’ve been here at Westway since 1962, but the clanking press, men with inky rags and even the NGA chapel meeting call to arms are long consigned to the memory of the dwindling number of Chronicle staff from those times.
Before that the paper had hopped around Chelmsford, ending up in a High Street office now occupied by Jessops, the camera shop.
Scrambling around for some pictures to illustrate our latest move we found this evocative image of the Editor’s Office.
For students of the genre, it contains:
  • An empty milk bottle
  • A bottle of Drambuie
  • A complicated looking telephone
  • A door with no window
Make of all that what you will…


  1. Thanks post. I like it


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