Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The subs now leaving from...

As the proud owner of a number of mock-up leaving pages – including, ironically, one from the South China Morning Post – I read this story, Subs sacked over leaving page, in the MediaGuardian with both horror and fascination.
Maybe to have c**t not once, but twice, on the page wasn’t the brightest idea the two subs ever had but for the editor-in-chief to not only fire them but also send out a pompous email may also count as an, er, misjudgment.
As a fully paid-up member of the editor-in-chief club I always reckon its best to save your public bollockings, sorry b*********s, for something that really matters, aka something that affects readers.
To witter on about “there are basic standards of decency that need to be respected in any modern company, standards that are enshrined in our code of ethics” won’t do much for the good folk of Wan Chai or Chai Wan.
I for one hope the company sees fit to reinstate Messrs Ruffini and Willison; I’m sure their creativity can be put to good use in the pages of the SCMP.
PS: I had a miserable time there in the mid-80s; doesn’t seem like anything’s changed much.
PPS: Here is my latest leaving page (thanks again, Patrick), a lovingly produced one and only edition of The Geerdian. I love it and I’m sure the outgoing Sunday Post editor loves his too, c**ts and all.


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    See update:


    And thank you for your mention.

  2. Anonymous1:06 AM

    how do you treat your subs???? what do u think is their role and function in the newsroom.

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM

    hi mr geere, i am a student writing a case on this kerfuffle at the SCMP. and i was wondering if you could put me in touch with someone who is working there to give me more information about what went on and what is happening currently at the paper.
    if you could kindly get back to me at vanessa.yeo.2003@business.smu.edu.sg. i would really appreciate your help thank you