Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Masterchef and a masterclass in leadership

WE’RE a lucky bunch, those of us helping media folk with the ticklish issue of leadership.
Forget management – that’s just getting the right people in the right place at the right time doing the right thing – I’m talking about showing, telling, providing guidance, direction, a kick up the wotsit and praise when due.
Because everywhere around us are examples of leadership. Some good (1), some ok (2)and some in need of intensive care. The shift leader at Wetherspoon’s who’s running around keeping both staff and customers happy (1), the train guard keeping us posted with too many announcements (2) and the head receptionist at the doctors who doesn’t seem to know or care that a bunch of sickly ‘customers’ are waiting (3).
Self-important media moguls who turn up for my one of leadership workshops soon find themselves in a supermarket, seeing for themselves how a fast-moving consumer business copes with a myriad of staff and customer issues. And likely as not the manager doesn’t even have an office!
So what a joy it was to see Michelin star chef Paul Ainsworth on Masterchef this week (BBC1), with a masterclass in leadership.

See below how he worked with a new team to provide sparkling service AND a good time for all.
EXPLAIN: Clearly set goals and make sure everyone knows what is expected of them
BE INVOLVED: Do not be a spectator, be a participant
STAY IN CHARGE: Be cool, but firm when the going gets tough

PRAISE: Little and often works best (that's a high-five, by the way!)
KEEP ON TRACK: Don’t allow to get caught up in the moment
FEEDBACK: You might be having a great time, but is everyone else?
GET STUCK IN: Do as well as show and tell when necessary
CUSTOMER REACTION: Share feedback from the outside world

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