Sunday, February 14, 2010

The editor’s right of reply

TELLING newspapers editors where they’re going wrong is a bloodless sport – I should know, I made a living out of it for 20 years – and especially easy when you’re sniping from the ‘anonymous’ sidelines.
A couple correspondents to this blog – ‘anonymous’ of course - were quick to tell me where I’m going wrong on a post I made about our innovative soapbox campaign here at the Essex Chronicle.
“We say 'hear hear' to the response by 'anonymous',” says complainer No 2, following up with “...we feel that the LOCAL part of your Chronicle has gone in the last year/two years - if something is popular with your readers then why do you suddenly get rid of it??”
I tend to roll with the punches and if readers want to have a go, either anonymously from behind the big sofa of the internet or more straightforwardly by letter or email, I’ll let them. The editor will always have the last say and that does seem a bit unfair.
But then another post turns up from Anonymous No 2: “Any chance of a reply (we've replied, as requested) to those of us who posted the 'responses'??. Or don't your 'local readers' count??”
Well, yes, Mr A, of course you count and here is that reply. Enjoy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What reply!!??. And as one of the choices is 'anonymous', I prefer to use that option, thank you. Not (your words) 'hiding behind a sofa'.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still shy to reply??

7:13 PM  
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