Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Would you run this ad?

OUR HARD-WORKING advertising people asked if this ad was ok run in some of our titles.
I ummed and ahhed and, after a quick poll in the office decided it was good to go.
It’s not planned to run in the Kent & Sussex Courier, so ‘disgruntled of Tunbridge Wells’ can keep his quill pen dry but there was some disquiet in the equally leafy lanes of Surrey where it was thought some readers might not find it appropriate for a family newspaper.
Anyway, it’s still good to go and is on page 20 of this week’s Leatherhead Advertiser. Are you offended? Did I make the right call? Over to you...


  1. Does it work Alan?

    Good to see you back blogging again.

  2. It's a tricky one to call, but page 20 should mean it is sufficiently buried for people not to take too much offence.
    The content is not mocking or distasteful, which is what many people object to.

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